Our company provides dealer services in the field of defense industry which fully meet the requirements of the main international standards. Implementing the delivery of spare parts and details for civil aviation, dual-role aviation, armored vehicles, we cooperate with fabricators and certified service centers and are ready to offer a unique list of components that meets the needs of a specific customer.

Services in the field of armored vehicles

We work with:

Ukrainian armored vehicles fabricated in the 1970s and to date.

Soviet armored vehicles fabricated in the 1970s and to date.

Spare parts and details for other armored vehicles on request.



Aviation services

The PORTAVIA company has been supplying the defense industry for many years. One of the directions of this sphere is the aviation industry. As for the search for good fabricators of necessary details and spare parts for the aviation field, it is a complex and responsible process. But a highly-trained team of specialists can easily solve such problems. Our company possesses all the necessary instruments, skills and experience  allowing them to deal with even the most difficult task that only can arise in the aviation industry.

We work with:

Ukrainian aviation fabricated in the 1970s and to date.

Soviet aviation fabricated in the 1991s and to date.

Spare parts and details for other aviation on request.



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The modern market and tough conditions of competition make us react quickly to any trends and changes. A professional team of our company is ready to provide any defense-industrial business with the necessary complex of services. This industry is always in dire need of quality components. Therefore, the overriding task for fabricators of military and defense equipment is finding cheap markets, where they can sell high-quality spare parts and details necessary for defense enterprises.

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